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BH Fitness is helping gyms to adapt their spaces to the latest trends. MAGSYS is the best solution in the market to create functional and modular spaces in the gym.
Due to its adaptability, managers will be able to introduce easily the latest training concepts in order to improve and increase member attraction: functional, HIIT, boxing, suspension, pliometry, balance training...


- Space optimization
- More incomes through new activities
- Tool for member attraction
- Dynamic exercises bring fun
- Infinite configurations
- Genuinely modular
- 100% adaptable to any space

Tutto sulla tua MAGSYS


Perfect for getting new utilities from any wall in your installation. This structure is valid for 3-4 people working simultaneously. Preferably, attached to the wall.


No need to attach the structure to the wall. It offers big versatility to the space with the possibility for working on both sides of the machine. 5-6 people working together at the same time.


Ideal configuration to improve the optimization of the space. A simple corner can turn into a perfect functional area for 4-5 people.


You can install as many Simple Modules as you want in a row. It must be attached to the wall.


The best way to improve the performance of big areas. Different kind of monkey bars can connect modules and the length can be customized to any space.


The most complete configuration, combining big wall with bridge and a Two-sided structure in the other side.

Specifiche & download

Lunghezza (cm)
Larghezza (cm)
Altezza (cm)
Peso (kg)
Struttura rialzata da terra 50 mm -
Verniciatura a tre strati -
Tecnologia di taglio con laser -
Tubi con bordi arrotondati -
Supporti per lo stoccaggio -
Tipo di bilanciere Non applicabile
Diametro del bilanciere -
Bilanciere con impugnatura zigrinata -
Sistema di blocco di sicurezza -
Tipo di regolazione Non applicabile
Tipo di regolazione Non applicabile
Altezze di allenamento
Contrappeso -



MAGSYS: configure your space