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Perfect biomechanics combined with a style of machines to meet all requirements to satisfy your clients’ every need: the machines are attractive, robust, compact and easy-to-use. As a result, timelessness and the avant-garde are at the service of the most demanding users and those in the know.

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Máquinas de musculação | BH Fitness

The TR series, designed with the fundamental principles of mechanics, engineering, anatomy and physiology, it guarantees each movement is soft, naural and with big muscular concentration. It´s a technical research to design better equipment and identify the uses, movements and postures that lead to injuries. Each product has a three layer coating comprised of an anti-corrosion primer for guaranteed durability and an ergonomic and injected core seat that offers the advantage of uniformity and prevents bacteria proliferation. Furthermore, in all TR line, the 4 mm thick ST-37 / 40 steel frame guarantees durability and the high resistance 5 mm thick-coated steel cable guarantees a smooth and secure performance.