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BH Fitness

BH Fitness is the leading specialist in sports equipment for home (Home Fitness) as well as professional use (Commercial Fitness).More than two decades in the market have enabled the company to develop a wide range of cardio machines, muscle toning and fitness equipment to meet the needs of gymnasiums, hotels and other professional establishments.

On this site there is a wide range of machines: treadmills, exercise bikes, folding bikes, muscle toning accessories, proffesional indoor cycling bikes,... all of which are designed to improve the well-being and quality of life of athletes and users at all levels. Visit the Professional Fitness section if you are interested in sports equipment project or would like to explore the various projects that have already been completed for Spas, private gyms, sports centres, hotels, and others.

If you would like to start a home gym or have a piece of fitness equipment for exercising from the convenience and comfort of your own home,the Home Fitness section has traditional fitness equipment such as exercise bikes, rowing machines or treadmills, as well as proprietary products such as the Cardio Tower, which combines a treadmill and pull-up bar in one. And in the health and beauty section, the product range is complemented with cavitation devices, massage chairs, electro-stimulation and other elements that contribute to your well-being, health and fitness.