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One year after the launch of the Runner’s Collection, BH Fitness is adding two new series to this range of machines which are specially designed to cover the needs of all types of runners. The C12 Dual Series and the RC02W Dual Series complete the family of which the RC09 Dual Series, the RC04 Dual Series and the RC01 Dual Series are already members and which have special characteristics in order to improve the runner’s experience.
The RC12 treadmill has a reinforced structure and the most powerful motor in the domestic range, allowing us to offer a 5 year guarantee. In addition to this, it has an orthopaedic belt allowing for a more comfortable step, reducing the impact upon joints and multimedia so that your workouts sessions can be accompanied by your favourite music.
The RC02W treadmill, despite its compact structure, has one of the widest running spaces available on the market and is specially designed for those who prefer the versatility of being able to walk and run on the same machine.
All of the machines in the RC range have a double damping system, Smart Konik and Flex system, extra wide running space, enhanced visibility LCD screen and Quick Box Control, which enhances safety by providing easy access to the main buttons for training.
I.concept ready.

I.concept ready

Both the classic RC machines and the new additions have versions with i.concept and versions which require the acquisition of the Dual Kit T separately in order to make the most of an entertaining and interactive workout.
Find out more about the new RC Series and buy the one that most meets your requirements at our online shop.

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