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Which is your goal?

Training according to objectives is an effective way of achieving your goals in a progressive way.

Discover which fitness machines will help you meet your goals

Muscle training

Muscle training is the most adequate activity to improve and tone the body.

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Loose weight

Losing weight healthily is not just a matter of cutting down on calories, you also have to burn more. Regular cardio training is essential to achieve good, healthy results.

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Prepare long-distance sports tests, testimonial races or trails by customising the intensity of your training sessions with BH Fitness treadmills.

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Sport training

Train for resistance and physical strength to successfully surmount the big challenges in athletics.

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Physical training

Physical preparation is fundamental to successfully face a sports event. At BH Fitness we help you to achieve the best results.

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Physical test

If you’re preparing an examination or a physical test these BH Fitness machines will help you to achieve your goal.

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Improve health

Among the multiple benefits of physical exercise are the health benefits it brings. Improve your health and quality of life with BH Fitness machines.

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BH Goals

An effective way of setting clear goals and focussing your training on achieving them is to train according to objectives. GH machines are designed to cover your needs, and to this end we have categorised them in 7 challenges that cover the main motivations when training.

For muscle training, to prepare yourself for a test, a sports event or a race, lose weight to be in shape, improve your physical resistance or improve your health you just need to choose the challenge and the perfect machine to start training.