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Selection of most frequently asked questions by our clients.

Sales representatives

  • How can I contact the BH Fitness sales team?

    You can reach us non-stop by calling +34 945290258. Or, if you prefer, you can write to us at

  • Who should I contact in my country?

    This link will take you to the map with the BH Fitness branches in each country and the distributors.

  • Is equipment hire possible?

    Yes, it’s possible to hire BH Fitness equipment, although we study this option on a case-by-case basis. The equipment hire has to be for a minimum duration of 3 months. Moreover, it’s also possible to hire indoor cycling bikes for day events or shorter periods.

  • Does BH Fitness have financing lines for its clients?

    BH Fitness aims to make the purchasing process as easy as possible for all its clients. The financing options are studied on a case-by-case basis, however they can be resolved with renting or leasing options.

  • What kind of certifications does BH Fitness have?

    EXERCYCLE, S.L. has all the certifications proving its good practice in various business processes. On the one hand, the company has the ISO 9001 certification, which certifies the quality of the management processes and, on the other, ISO 14001, certifying that BH Fitness is a quality company from an environmental perspective. Likewise, the cardiovascular and weight training equipment complies with the UNE 957 standards which certify the safety of this machinery.

  • What does turnkey project mean?

    BH Fitness tries to offer turnkey projects. This means that as from the very first contact, the sales team at BH Fitness takes care of the entire process. Selection of machinery, contract modality, after-sales service conditions, space distribution, decorative requirements or needs for accessories (lockers, flooring, turnstiles) etc. with the process culminating with the delivery.

  • Who can advise me on electric requirements or, if applicable, the mains connection required for my facility?

    The BH Fitness technical team helps its clients when organising the preliminary installation.

  • Where can I download sales catalogues for the BH Commercial Fitness products?

    By clicking on this link you’ll find the catalogues for consulting or downloading.

  • What is the usual delivery time for orders?

    Thanks to the large volume of its manufacturing stock levels and assembly staff, BH Fitness has the structure in place for making deliveries and installing large orders in just a few days. Speed is one of the distinctive features of the BH sales team.

Warranties and maintenance

  • What standard warranty is offered with the machine?

    The standard warranty period is 2 years.

  • Where can I find a technical service?

    Exercycle has dozens of technical services distributed all over the countries where it operates. These monobrand technicians (approved and certified by BH Fitness) have a network stretching to all regions and cities.

  • What is the protocol to be followed when there is a breakdown or incident?

    The client must write to the technical support service at and try to describe the incident in as much detail as possible. To this end, it is recommendable to have the code to hand for the machine in question, although explanatory photographs are also gratefully received and accelerate the troubleshooting process.

  • How long does the technician take to resolve an incident?

    As soon as the reason for the incident has been found the team makes a start on taking action. If parts are required to resolve the problem the technician will bring them with him. If the incident can be resolved on site the maintenance team in charge will be given instructions remotely to proceed with the solution.

  • What stock capacity does BH Fitness have in spare parts?

    Exercycle has a spare parts warehouse in Vitoria (Polígono Industrial de Júndiz) where more than 20,000 references for accessories and spare parts are administered for the products manufactured under the BH brand. Moreover, parts can be found in every distributor’s warehouse, thereby reducing the turnaround time even more.

  • Do you guarantee the stock for parts in machines that are already several years old?

    Each production series of BH machinery is launched with a % of accessories and spare parts calculated based on the service needs that the machines can offer, not only during the warranty period but also afterwards. This means that we have spare parts for machines that stopped being manufactured more than 10 years ago.

  • Is there any way of finding assembly and operation manuals for the professional machines?

    By using this link, any user can download the necessary materials for the correct assembly and operation of the machines.

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