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Abdominal L310

With the latest improvements in comfort, the L310 allows you to perform seated abdominals thanks to the ease and comfort of the padded rolls.

Abdominal X310

With improved comfort systems, the X310 allows you to easily and comfortably perform seated abdominal exercises.

Rotary Torso L430

By engaging your abdominals, the L430 allows total control and a more natural movement.

Rotary Torso X430

Rotary Torso X430
The spin adjustment of the X430 easily regulates the exercise to your preferences.

Lower back L510

Lower back L510
The best choice for beginners or users with back problems, this machine avoids injuries caused by incorrect form.

Lower back X510

Lower back X510
The X510 is the perfect way to perform lower back exercises with maximum comfort and the latest technology.

Ab / Lower back L610

Dual exercise is possible with the same machine: abdominals and lower back. Its adjustable support rolls offers maximum comfort during the exercise.