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Tread Monitor

The new healthy and safe way to run without leaving home.

Share your progress on social media and compete with your friends.

Tread Monitor
Tread Monitor - available on the App Store

Control your treadmill remotely.

Choose the characteristics of your workout to get overcome all your limits.

  • Exciting touch friendly main menu
  • Jumpstart your workout with Quick Training option
  • Choose Goal mode to focus on time, distance and calories
  • Get in shape with fun and challenging training programs
  • Focus on your heart rate with HRC mode
  • Cool down after workouts with special Recovery mode
  • Track results during and after workouts to accomplish goals
Tread Monitor - available on the App Store
Which is your goal?



Tread Monitor is available in a range of BH Fitness machines




Treadmills offer an alternative to one of the most popular types of exercise, the outdoor running. Cardio machines enable a simple and complete workout in the comfort of your home. It allows an intense lower body exercise while activates and improves the cardiovascular system.

BH Fitness treadmills are developed with the Green Power energy saving technology.

Turn your device (tablet or smartphone) into the monitor of your BH Fitness treadmill with the i.Concept technology. Enjoy a 100% interactive, 100% motivational, 100% healthy workout enjoying the best of two worlds; entertainment and health.

Tread Monitor

Tread Monitor Tread Monitor - available on the App Store